The River Wye

The River Wye is the fifth longest river in the UK and travels through the middle of Wales into England. Primarily in Hay on Wye, a small community which the river travels through, the area is largely used for kayaking, fishing, dog walking and people who live nearby. The water is unpolluted and steady, and the local wildlife can often be seen perched on the trees. However, the landscape can often be affected by the change in the local weather, particularly in the winter time. This is often through the increase in flooding and high winds, as well as the more obvious change where the leaves fall of the trees and change colour.

My photographic project is an attempt to explore the local river landscape in the recent seasons, and how it is used by the community. I used a medium format camera which allowed me to take time over the subject or area I was photographing, whilst also giving me the ability to understand and appreciate the area. I also feel this strategy allowed me to respond to the landscape in my own artistic way.

I decided not to caption my images, because I feel the images speak for themselves. I wanted the viewer to have the opportunity to ‘study’ the landscape without the distraction of text and feel captioning individual people would have moved away from the idea of how the landscape is used by the ‘community’.