The Body As A Machine

This project explored the idea of the body as a machine using Ian, a contemporary dance teacher as he was conducting movement around a studio space. In particular I looked for angles or shots that appeared surreal and allowed me to explore the scientific features of his body. For example the muscles and veins would protrude from Ian’s body as he worked around the floor. This was aided by the use of a soft box which added depth to the form of his body and allowed me to portray my appreciation in a subtle way. Having said that, I decided it was also important to show the negative aspects of how dance can change your body by moving the camera further in; for example we can see how hard work has affected the appearance of Ian’s feet.

The order of my photos was important to my narrative. I revealed the body first from the head, down the arms, chest, legs and then feet which ended in showing the whole body. This was to portray a logical order to the landscape I was exploring, as well as a poetic feel which we get from the use of black and white.