Photography As Truth?

“Contemporary Art is supposed to be a realm of freedom where artists shock, break taboos, and switch between confronting viewers with works of great profundity. But away from shock tactics in the gallery, there are many unanswered questions.” (Julian Stallabrass)

The purpose of my photographic project is to explore the incorporation of the traditional photo-journalistic image with the makings of art and how as a result, this has begun to reveal hidden facts and meanings. In particular, my work explores the Syrian War and how photography is used by the western world to focus on the vulnerable and poor rather than the wider political system. My work starts to question whether images are a true representation of Syria, and how poverty can be a means for profit. Furthermore, it also touches upon the system of aid and help. Currently, aid is still being sent out to help people in need which is creating positivism and hope amongst local Syrians. However, my work also acknowledges there is a large percentage of money and donations which never receive the ones who need it the most. This can include perfectly usable items, as well as more obscure donations. As Renzo Martins says: “It’s not really the poor that benefit from this poverty, it’s the rich” (R. Martens. 2009. 49:00).

These issues are portrayed by using photography as a performative process. This combines the use of photographic objects, installation, mixed media, images and aid which is currently being sent to Syria from the UK.